Other services

Apart from the traditional real estate services, our company is also engaged in other services such as development, marketing or consulting and advisory services.



Longer term cooperation, where we will help you with the selection of properties to buy.


We can consult with you on the current market situation, compared to your ideas about buying property.

Private home search

1. Finding a property according to your requirements
2. We will analyze the property and recommend the most suitable ones
3. We will arrange viewings of these properties for you
4. We will carry out a technical and legal inspection of the property
5. We will help you with arranging a mortgage or securing financing
6. We will provide you with a legal service
7. We will take care of the furnishing of the property and supervise the implementation
8. We can manage the property for you and arrange the lease

Advice and consultation

Are you dealing with various issues related to real estate, the real estate market, are you considering investing in real estate and are not sure about your decision? We will be happy to advise you and become your consultants. Our many years of experience in real estate, property development and investment give us the mandate to be your guides in the world of real estate.

If you have spare funds that you would like to evaluate and you lack the necessary experience that prevents you from making the right and necessary decisions? We have our own portfolio of development projects, years of extensive experience, a team of professionals across all disciplines associated with property development and investment. We invest significant funds in various projects with a clear objective – investment appreciation! Become our partner and be successful with us. Invest with us.

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